Habit on. Habit off.

Track routines. See the pattern.
Change your way of life.

Habit on. Habit off.

Track routines. See the pattern.
Change your way of life.

Habit on. Habit off.

Track routines. See the pattern.
Change your way of life.



The Way of Life app helps you building good habits or breaking bad ones.


Simple and fast

A few seconds daily is all it takes to track your routines with Way of Life’s unique color-coded system.

Stay on track

Powerful reminders will keep you on track until good habits are formed or bad habits broken.


Take note

Use the diary function to quickly jot down what triggered a bad habit.

The bigger picture

Charts let you easily spot positive and negative trends ranging over weeks, months or even years.


Get started today!

(Habit Hero says, do it)

Get started today!

(Habit Hero says, do it)

Get started today!

(Habit Hero says, do it)


The interface is designed for very efficient data entry. The app's features are robust. And the dashboard quickly and effortlessly conveys the data in a meaningful way.


I've been looking for this app for so long.

Kevin Rose

I have ADHD so this really helps someone like me! Use it every day and it makes me feel good!

Erin Sanderlin

The graphing data sets it apart. I end up trying to beat my numbers from last month, which really builds intrinsic motivation.

Albany medped

It’s a very simple and effective app. It helps me a lot getting rid of bad habits and creating good habits. It has completely changed my life!


Love this app. Super simple and make it easy to see how your habits ACTUALLY are compared to what you think they are.

Kevin Schouweiler


Very simple yet powerful. I changed 3 major habits this year around drinking alcohol, exercising, and eating sugar. Can't recommend it enough.


This app is replacing something that I've done on paper for a long time. It meets a big need at a good price point. Knowing your patterns helps you make better decisions and understand yourself more.



Since starting to use this app in June (4 months ago), I've lost 15 pounds, quit smoking, developed daily yoga practice and my house is cleaner than it was *before* I had kids. Definitely recommend it.


I've been using this app daily for a couple of years now. That speaks volumes. Beautiful interface, brilliant design and its motivating me to keep on track with my goals and intentions. I feel like this app is a gift. Thank you!



As an applied behavioral scientist, I really like to track certain daily behaviors. If you want to stay committed to doing certain tasks, it's a good idea to keep track of your data… This app will definitely help with that… It's very simple, pragmatic, and useful.


Tracking your daily habits and goals is easy in many apps, but unless it is super quick to enter, you'll forget or not have the time. In Way of Life, I can enter status of 7-8 areas in a few seconds. This means I have a clear and complete view of my progress or if I should change my approach. Give it a try for a couple of weeks!


This app is amazing. It really gives you an unbiased recall of your habits. I have been using it for a few days and I already feel that it is holding me to breaking bad habits and creating good ones!
Edit 4 years later: Still loving this app. I can't think of another that has stuck with me so long.


Don't underestimate the power of this simple app. Start building the person you want to be as you build one habit at a time one day at a time. I have made more progress on some habits in the past 90 days using this app than in the past 10 years.


I love this app so much. I've been using it for over two years now, no problems. It has such a clean interface and it's easy to use. The ability to see trends in your habits/overall is really helpful! I also like that I can have a habit be 'good' or 'bad', so I don't have to word things in dumb ways. I recommend this app to everyone who wants to improve habits. This is the only app I bought the paid version for, and I regret it not at all. Best decision ever. 11/10.

Andy who loves graphs

The simplest and most effective way I've found to track and stay accountable for daily to do's. This app has a lot of thought put into it and is super easy to use, the interface is flawless. I thought it might get cumbersome the more tasks you add, but all it takes is a minute or two each day to update, and the data visualization it provides in return is invaluable. Definitely worth the money.


Stay updated!

Stay updated!

Stay updated!

Frequently asked questions

How do I restore my premium status after reinstalling the app?

In most cases your premium status will be restored automatically after installing the app. However, if that didn't happen you can do a manual restore on the 'Setup' page by tapping 'Restore Purchase' (iOS) or 'Go Premium' (Android).

Make sure that you're logged into your device with the same account you initially purchased with!

Can I move my data between the Android app and iOS app?

The two formats are not interchangeable yet. However, we'd love to do a manual conversion for you. Please write us below to get help with this.

How do I reorder my items?

Tap 'Edit' (iOS) or 'Hamburger' (Android) top-left on the 'Journals' page. Then reorder your items by dragging the little handles on the right side of each item.

Can I help translating Way of Life into another language?

Absolutely. Would love if you did that! The easiest way to get started is to open the app, go to the 'Setup' page and tap 'Help with translation'.

How do I track something that doesn't have to be tracked every day?

Use the 'Skip' button to mark the day off. This way it will not have a negative impact on your stats in 'Trend'.

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