Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore my premium status after reinstalling the app?

In most cases your premium status will be restored automatically after installing the app. However, if that didn't happen you can do a manual restore on the 'Setup' page by tapping 'Restore Purchase' (iOS) or 'Go Premium' (Android).

Make sure that you're logged into your device with the same account you initially purchased with!

Can I move my data between the Android app and iOS app?

The two formats are not interchangeable yet. However, we'd love to do a manual conversion for you. Please write us below to get help with this.

How do I reorder my items?

Tap 'Edit' (iOS) or 'Hamburger' (Android) top-left on the 'Journals' page. Then reorder your items by dragging the little handles on the right side of each item.

Can I help translating Way of Life into another language?

Absolutely. Would love if you did that! The easiest way to get started is to open the app, go to the 'Setup' page and tap 'Help with translation'.

How do I track something that doesn't have to be tracked every day?

Use the 'Skip' button to mark the day off. This way it will not have a negative impact on your stats in 'Trend'.

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